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Welcome to the First Nations Workers Alliance, established by the ACTU in response to the racist and punitive Community Development Program (CDP) in 2017. FNWA provides a voice to CDP workers, listens to their concerns, and calls for Wage Justice. FNWA and CDP workers got a win in 2021 with the Federal Government announcing that the CDP will be abolished in 2023. However, the 2022 budget revealed that the the program has been extended until 2024.

The Wage Justice campaign continues, and will continue so long as any employment program is in place that is harmful to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers and their communities.

FNWA operates like a union for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers who do not have access to a union, or are not considered workers due to falling under the social security act. FNWA is culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers wanting to learn about unions and who want to join their industry union. We have also developed short courses that empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander union members and raise awareness on what it means to be union.

Why Join a Union?

Your union is your voice at work.

Unions enable workers to stand together to win secure jobs and fair pay, and to defend the conditions we’ve won in the past like penalty rates and sick leave. Unions campaign so that working people are treated with respect and that work is more inclusive and family-friendly.

On average, union members enjoy higher pay, better conditions, and work in safer workplaces than non-members. If you run into a problem at work, the union will have your back. And they’ll help you get ahead – providing training, workplace insurance, professional development opportunities, and more.

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