FNWA – there is strength in numbers.

The Alliance is a culturally safe place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers wanting to learn about unions and who want to join their industry union. All union members can join the Alliance. If you’re not yet a member of a union, now is the best time to join.

The First Nations Workers Alliance was founded in response to the racist and punitive Community Development Program (CDP) in 2017.

Established by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the FNWA provides a voice to CDP workers, listens to their concerns, and calls for Wage Justice. The FNWA operates like a union for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers who do not have access to a union or are not considered workers due to falling under the social security act.

All workers should be paid legal wages for work. The Community Development program is racist and denies people basic rights all other workers receive. The government should focus on real jobs in regional and remote communities instead.

Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary

Sally McManus  -  ACTU Secretary

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